UI Contrast: Dark UI vs. Light UI

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User interface is something that can attract users, and plays a role as a link between user and the website. From basic elements to static images, each plays an important role to make the user friendly and use of its system. UI is a building block of the system, if it goes smoothly then users can have interests in performing their tasks, spending maximum time at that medium. What if things don’t go well? Users will lose interest on your website.

  • Dark UI
    • Pros
    • – Improves long-term readability — ideal for coding, intensive reading, and sites that will be visited for several hours.
      – Stylish and fashionable.
      – Generates a dramatic or fascinating environment.
    • Cons
    • – Short-term, light writing on a dark backdrop strains the eyes; this is not appropriate for blogs or news sites.
      – With bright palettes, it doesn’t work.
      – Older computer users aren’t fans of it.
    • When to use Dark UI?
    • – To minimize eye fatigue, such as viewing long-term analytics pages.
      – To create a feeling of luxury and elegance.
      – When a colour scheme for branding calls for it.
      – When the environment or use demand for it, such as nighttime entertainment apps.
      – When there are only a few different content categories and the design is minimalistic and simple.
  • Light UI
    • Pros
    • – Make colour pop up.
      – Common and safe choice.
      – Less eye strains.
    • Cons
    • – May become boring after long time.
      – Doesn’t look interesting with muted colors.
    • When to use Light UI?
    • – When the user will be reading a lot of text.
      – When the screen has more elements.
      – When user is working at daytime.
  • Considerations
    • Who is the user?
    • It is important to know who the user is, when making a website. As time passes, things change. As adults prefer light UI and the younger generation prefer the dark one, so it varies from person to person.
    • What will your users do on the website?
    • The factor that the user will do on the website is equally important, to know how much time he is spending on the site. Like if we see company’s or news websites or a blog reading website. They’ll look for information for a few minutes, maybe 10–15 minutes at most, and then move on. But if we look from the perspective of a user who is spending hours on the system like a developer, The dark UI with light text will improve reading and reduce eye strain, making it easier to stay for long periods of time.
    • When will users visit your website?
    • Time is also crucial; it’s necessary to know when the user is accessing the website; for example, if it’s during the day, light mode is preferred to keep the user focused on their task. If it’s night, the dark is preferable for relaxing.
    • Where do you want your user to focus?
    • In some situations, you want the user to focus on objects, the dark screen may create some distraction in this situation.
    • How to make the right choice?
    • Because of the contrasting views of users, there is no obvious answer for picking a UI, but a few considerations can be made by evaluating the user’s perspective and needs.
  • Final Thoughts
  • It’s all about creativity, the user’s ease and comfort and their preference. We cannot decide one UI and fix it as a constant as different users have various perspectives.