Supermarket POS

POS System for Supermarket Businesses brings you the right supermarket POS system, with the functionality you need and the features you want.

Built to complement your business, built for performance and reliability, curated just for you.

XauZit Supermarket POS provides modules so that you will be able to maintain your business requirements and manage your business needs effectively.

Feature Highlight

Offline Mode

No more disturbance in your selling even if there is no internet connection.

Barcode Scanning

Speed up your selling and inventorying process through a barcode scanner.

Stock Management

Set maximum and minimum inventory levels and keep tracking your stock related information.

Cash Register Control

Easily track your business income, expenses and many more.

Statics and Reports

For your business needs, sales can be seen in graphs.

Multiple Terminals

Many service stations as needed on your local networks.

XauZit Supermarket POS software will run your checkout process smoothly. Our software is ERP integrated.

With XauZit Supermarket POS software, how big or small your supermarket is, having full control of transaction is mandatory for business growth and success. Also follow peak hours, cash flow, products sold as well as other relevant information. Run as many service stations as needed with the same efficiency.

Let's get your business lifted off with the perfect POS solution.

Our Supermarket POS solutions include everything you need to get up and running.